Get Ready for Faster Internet

Get ready for more potential, more opportunity and more of everything you expect from MacWare.
We are looking to bring faster Internet to our WISP customers, starting in 2019.

Download upto 450Mbps

Wireless ISP speeds up to 450MBps as part of our MicroPOP

Faster than ADSL

Many proeprties get slow ADSL speeds via BT as they are far from the cabinet and some are not able to get Virgin cable either.

Fast setup

Some providers quote 66+ days lead times on new connections but we aim to be much faster than that.

Connect all your devices and access
high speed Internet with ease

Our 'mast head' router conencts you back to one of our MicroPOP's.

We present you with a Cat5e Ethernet cable which allows you to use any switch or wireless access points you chose.


Benefits of MacWare's Faster Speed are Simply Better.

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Super-Fast Speeds

WIFI Hotspots

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